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These are our Funeral Planners

A Funeral Planner helps the living by recording their funeral plans for survivors.  Because of this, they are well versed in the state trusting and funding laws that allow people to secure funds and write inflation proof plans.

Advance Funeral Planning
Because we feel that advance funeral planning is so important and is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family, we employ a full-time staff of highly trained preplanning counselors along with our funeral directors. They stand ready to assist you in your preplanning efforts.

The people who must arrange for a funeral often have little or no warning. They may be uncertain and unprepared to make decisions in the midst of their grief.By making your wishes known, you help your loved ones to carry them out. By making your requests flexible, you help your survivors incorporate your wishes in arrangements that fulfill their own emotional needs. When it is practical or possible, making funeral arrangements in advance can provide the peace of mind that all the details have been taken care of in a way that is satisfying to oneself and one's survivors. A family discussion combined with the counsel of a funeral director or preplanning counselor can assure that everyone involved feels comfortable with the arrangements. Certainly we all would prefer that our loved ones are able to say afterward, "I'm glad we did" rather than"I wish we had." Preplanning can help accomplish this goal. Making funeral plans in advance helps your family through their grief, ensures that your ceremony and memorials will reflect your wishes and allows you to set aside funds so that your family will not face a financial burden.

How do you pre-plan?
Take time now to think about the questions that arise at the time of a death.Where will the ceremony be held? Should it be religious or non-religious? What about music, readings and flowers? How do you want your family and friends to celebrate your life and mark your passing? Talking about your thoughts and plans with a funeral preplanning counselor will help you understand how the information is used and what is needed for a complete plan. Your funeral preplanning will be filed securely so that it can be easily located and followed in the event of your death.

Making funeral arrangements in advance is one of the easiest ways to help your loved ones avoid financial and emotional stress. It is also a way for you to take part in the way you want to be remembered. You’ll be able to plan exactly how you want the ceremony in addition to choosing your own casket, monument and final resting place. Obtaining preneed insurance will help you preplan and prepay for your final tribute while eliminating stress on your loved ones.

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